Incentive Points Program

Hello, fellow Knights!

International Student Association is looking to spice things up this year! Therefore, we are implementing a new incentive point system, where members can collect points all year long and compete for a sweet prize at end of fall and spring semester! We will choose three (3) people with the highest amount of points!

Here is how points will be awarded:

  • Social event attendance = 5 points/eachemployees-earn-your-points
  • Philanthropic event attendance = 7 points/each
  • International Fair attendance = 10 points
  • Member meetings = 2 points/each
  • Donations = $1 for 1 point
  • Membership dues = 10 points
  • Promoting ISA on a social network = 2 points/social network/post

For events, follow us on Facebook:

For donations:

If you think something is worth the incentive points, shoot us a message and we will put it on the list as well!

Here you can download a sign in sheet to keep all of your points up to date and signed! Please let us know if you have any questions, we will be glad to help you! YOU are the reason we exist :)


ISA Board


ATTENTION, members! ISA is now open for applications! We want to make sure all of our members actually feel like they are a part of ISA, plus you will always be in touch with out latest events, will have a chance to purchase t-shirt and graduation cords, participate in the community service events, get involved and meet new friends!

Where to get one?

OR stop by BYC on September 15th to pick up a copy (3-4pm)

Return applications on September 19th! The same week, but Friday.
We will hold a Welcome Reception for all the members!

Barbara Ying Center (

What time?

We hope you all will be able to attend because we are really excited to meet and get to know you all! Free snacks and drinks will be provided!
Please share this with your friends and comment below if you have any questions!

Julia Vashchenko
ISA President